Marine Phospholipids

Precursor to the extraction of marine phospholipids, with the benefit of 25 years of experience in the extraction and characterization of marine lipids, PhosphoTech offers an exclusive range of phospholipids titrated naturally in Omega 3:

Marine natural lecithins LC

  • Naturally rich in DHA
  • 60% phospholipids
  • Available in powder form, hard capsules


10 kg – 20 kg bag / Other packaging upon request

Marine enzymatic hydrolyzates

  • Enzymatic hydrolyzates of fish meat
  • Enzymatic hydrolyzates of algae (micro and macro algae)
  • Enzymatic hydrolyzates of mollusc flesh

The control of the enzymatic hydrolyzate of marine raw materials allows PhosphoTech to offer you a wide choice of ingredients with specific biological activities and scientifically proven:

  • Preservation of bone capital: Discover our ingredient PHOSTEO®
  • Slimming: Discover our ingredient CALCIMINCE®
  • Protection against free radicals: Discover our ingredient OSTRINE®
  • Activation of immunity: Discover our ingredient Clamosine®
  • Stimulating libido: Discover our ingredient XP 150®
  • Improving calcium absorption: Discover our ingredient Calciplus®

Enzymatic hydrolyzates in powder form, hard capsules.

5 kg – 10kg – 20 kg bag / Other packaging upon request


Powder formulations

  • Enzymatic Fish Hydrolysate: Bones: PHOSTEO®
  • Enzymatic Algae Hydrolysate: Diet: CALCIMINCE®
  • Enzymatic Oyster Flesh Hydrolysate: Anti-radical Activity: OSTRINE®
  • Enzymatic hydrolyzate of sea kelp: stimulation of the immune system: CLAMOSINE®
  • Enzymatic hydrolyzate of seaweed: absorption of Calcium: CALCIPLUS®
  • Marine Phospholipids: LC60®
  • Active Libido: XP 150®

25 kg bag / Other packaging upon reques


PHOSPHOTECH proposes you a range of capsules of specialties, available in bulk or under white label:

  • Phospholipid hard capsules in powder form
  • Fish hydrolyzate hard capsules
  • Shellfish hydrolyzate hard capsules
  • Seaweed hydrolyzate hard capsules
  • Oyster Mushroom hydrolyzate hard capsules

Full box


  • Carrot Macerate + Vitamins : Sun
  • Omega 3 + Minerals + Vitamins : Nails and hair
  • CLA : Diet
  • Borage Oil + 18/12 TG Oil + Vit.E

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huiles marines et végétales

Oily formulations

PhosphoTech’s expertise in the field of lipids makes it possible to offer you a range of exclusive and innovative formulations:

  • Tasteless and odorless oils
  • Formulations of marine and vegetable phospholipids
  • Omega Formulations 3,6, 9