Physiologically, the imbalance between nutritional intake and energy expenditure leads to an excessive increase in body fat. Limit lipid accumulation in adipocytes; Proliferation and differentiation of fat cells could control the accumulation of body fat and thus contribute to weight loss.

Calcimince® is a natural product developed by PHOSPHOTECH, in collaboration with the LIENSs laboratory of the University of La Rochelle (
This natural marine ingredient, obtained after enzymatic hydrolysis of algae, could play a role in weight management because it exhibits lipolytic activity and reduces fat storage during a human immortalized fat cell trial.

We observed that this marine natural product has the same lipolytic activity of caffeine at 0.25 mM. At this concentration, a 33% reduction in lipid storage was observed. In addition, Calcimince® prevents pre-adipocyte growth and / or lipid accumulation as a function of its concentration.

This natural marine product has allowed the reduction of fat in adipocytes. He also showed lipolytic activity like caffeine, but without harmful nerve stimulation.

Other research will soon elucidate which bioactive molecules are responsible for the activity of thinness.

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