Marine ingredients specialist company

About us

Since its creation in 2000, PhosphoTech is specialized in the valorization of products and byproducts from the fishing and aquaculture industries.


The processing industry of the seafood generates a significant amount of by-products indeed: skins, scales, heads, internal organs… expert testimony of PhosphoTech, world rank, made it possible to develop and produce, starting from these matters, of the ingredients exclusive and innovating: marine phospholipids, enzymatic hydrolysates of algae, fishes, mollusks, shell powders


Permanent collaborations with the research teams university, hospital, with the technical centers and the professionals of the sector make it possible to create new development of ingredients marine coproducts. Specialists in the lipids, of peptides and proteins, polysaccharides as well as marine minerals, the scientific team of PhosphoTech put on the market several innovating ingredients since 2000.


PhosphoTech, attentive to the Richness of Nature

PhosphoTech laboratories search the world for the best raw materials and marine active ingredients and provide you with the ingredients for your success.

  • Research of innovative assets
  • Extraction and purification of active ingredients
  • Development of new functional ingredients
  • Development of exclusive formulations
PhosphoTech, supplier of Natural Ingredients

PhosphoTech produces, distributes and markets nutritional ingredients:

  • Specialties objectified on biological model
  • Oils, fats & phospholipids of marine origin
  • Marine powders and extracts & enzymatic hydrolysates
  • Marine and vegetable oil powders
  • Soft capsules, tablets & capsules

These ingredients are intended for different sectors: agri-food, health & human dietary, cosmetics and animal nutrition.

The requirement of quality


  • Control of raw materials
  • Respect for the naturalness of the ingredients
  • Quality report
  • Traceability
  • Technical Files


  • Products conform to the specifications of the European and American Pharmacopoeias
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary approvals
  • Member of national and international agribusiness competitiveness clusters
  • HACCP procedure


  • Promote the richness and diversity of the marine and plant worlds
  • Preserving the sustainability of the marine resource
  • Engage resources for research and innovation
  • Put our expertise and know-how at the service of your competitiveness
  • Accompany you, in all confidentiality, at all stages of your development
  • Guarantee a quality approach through permanent controls