We offer a wide range of quality oils. Our oils consist of a category of marine oils, produced from the recovery of marine resources and vegetable oils from land plants grown under controlled conditions.

Our flours and powders are derived from the processing of carefully selected and controlled raw materials. Our oil powders are manufactured using an original process to preserve their intrinsic quality. We offer powders of fish oils, rich in omega 3 and vitamins as well as a wide range of vegetable oil powders.

Our range of standard soft capsules includes marine oils, vegetable oils, vitamins and formulations. This range of high quality standards is available from stock. We also offer custom fabrications according to your formulations.

The know-how of our teams and the use of different filling technologies (compression dosing or stuffing) allow us to package all types of powders. We adapt to your needs thanks to the diversity of our capsules and compressors. We also offer a range of capsules and tablets.

We make your powder blends or your oil blends in controlled conditions and according to your specifications. We also offer a standard range of premixes. Our expertise in filling, labeling, quality control and regulation is at your service for the launch or manufacture of your products. We also offer a commercialized white label range.


Fruit of the skills of our R & D team, we offer a range of bioactive marine ingredients. This innovative range is available for your formulations. We provide you the scientific and technical files and we can accompany you in the development of your galenic forms.