Passionate about the world of the sea, we explore the ocean resources to propose the assets that will accompany your developments.

Our independence and research spirit allow us to engage in innovative developments that meet the needs of a changing world.

We strive to be a unique partner, committed to the respect of marine resources and expert partner in the field of ingredients and assets. Our commitment is to develop processes and products that are not only effective, but also safe and eco friendly.

Fundamentally respectful of the oceans and of this nature that we must preserve and bequeath our future generations, we select only renewable raw materials that are not subject to a risk of overexploitation and imbalance of biodiversity.



With 20 years of experience, we strive to provide market answers in the areas of human nutrition, dietetics and dietary supplements, animal nutrition and cosmetics. We are constantly striving to respond to requests for assets derived from the development of marine resources. Our recognized expertise in the valorization of marine resources is at the service of our partners. Our international culture gives us the opportunity to work worldwide.


By combining our knowledge of the world of the sea and our spirit of creativity and research, PhosphoTech is a source of innovation, offering new proposals that stimulate, captivate and promote the development of our partners.

The combination of our internal R & D capabilities with international research teams results in innovative developments. These developments lead to the production of original assets and extracts that will enrich the our products formulations in many sectors around the world.


The oceans are fabulous reservoir of innovative assets. But this delicate balance must be constantly controlled. We therefore pay careful attention to the selection of our raw materials, the control of their traceability. The analyzes carried out by our in-house laboratory associated with recognized and advanced external institutions enable us to be in permanent conformity with the legitimate requirements of a rigorous regulatory framework that protects customers.