We offer fish, algae and plant powders. These are processed from raw materials that have been rigorously selected and controlled.
We offer a range of plant and marine oil powders. We use our expertise to create powder blends in controlled conditions and to your specifications.
We offer a wide range of quality oils produced from marine resource enhancement. Our product range includes standard and concentrated fish oils and algae oils, which are sources of active substances.
Our soft capsule range comprises fish oils titrated in active substances and plant oils alone and in combination. This high-quality range is available as standard stock items. We also offer customised productions based on your formulations.
We have developed a range of raw materials for animal nutrition. These aim to provide concentrated nutrients and active natural ingredients to animals.
Thanks to the skills of our R&D team, we offer a range of bioactive marine ingredients (phospholipids, enzymatic hydrolysates). This innovative range is available for your formulations.